COVID-19 Update

Please visit our website regularly as it will be updated without notice.

Updated April 14, 2020:

The Essex County Medical Society is providing a map local care providers showing their availability. This includes doctors’ offices, walk-in-clinics, diagnostic imaging (x-rays, etc.) and lab blood draw clinics, etc. Please click on the link below to access the map and other useful information:

For Landlords & Tenants:

Housing Information Services (HIS)/Labour Sponsored Community Development Group/Labour Community Service Centre and Labour Community Gardens, is committed to serving our community and delivering quality service while ensuring a safe and healthy environment to our Clients, Members, Tenants, Residents, Staff, Volunteers and Visitors. As the situation in Windsor Essex evolves with the COVID-19 during this pandemic, we are operating under the guidance of the Government of Canada Public Health Services, which is the Canadian lead agency for a coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following is a list of preventative measures we have taken to stop COVID-19:

The following SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE BY TELEPHONE ONLY until further notice.

For Housing Information Services

Call 519-254-4824 to set up a telephone session:

  1. KTH appointments
  2. Housing Intervention appointments including county
  3. Rent Supplement appointments
  4. Walk-in

For Labour Community Service Centre and Labour Community Gardens

Call 519-254-2808 to:

  1. Make a rent payment
  2. Report deficiencies in your unit
  3. Report disturbances in your neighbourhood
  4. Report notices to vacate your unit
  5. Any other concerns

For Labour Sponsored Community Development Group

  1. LSCDG respects the decision of each individual Board pertaining to office hours as it relates to COVID-19
  2. Notices have been posted on the office door with information about office hours and contact information.
  3. Call the office telephone number for up to date information about your Housing development
  4. Report deficiencies in your unit
  5. Report disturbances in your building or neighbourhood
  6. Report notices to vacate your unit
  7. Any other concerns

If you must meet face to face, Please read this notice before entering our office building:

  1. Do you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing?  OR
  2. Have you or someone you have been in contact with traveled domestically or internationally in the last 2 weeks?


  1. Please DO NOT enter our building.
  2. Contact the office on site and the co-ordinator will assist you over the telephone or call the main office at LSCDG at 519-254-2808 for further assistance.

 The following SERVICES ARE CANCELLED until further notice:

  1. Forms and Applications Clinic

For questions related to COVID-19 specifically, you can click on the following links for current updates, and notifications, as our message may change without notice in response to evolving public health directives.

  1. Windsor-Essex County Health Unit
  1. Telehealth Ontario
  1. Public Health Agency of Canada on Covid -19, how to Stop the spread of Germs, Information on Hand Hygiene.
  2. How to talk to Your Child about COVID-19
  3. Government of Ontario COVID-19 Website
  4. Government of Canada Travel Advisories


Housing Information Services of Windsor & Essex County Inc. (HIS) is a dynamic service consisting of extensive one-on-one client assistance in Homelessness Prevention, Housing Retention, Energy Assistance, Rent Subsidy Assistance, Transitional Housing, Networking, Referrals, Education, Advocacy and Landlord Support Services.

HIS has often been called upon and quickly respond to emergent issues within our community, such as new immigrants / refugees arriving into our community, fire victims, emergency gas shut offs.  HIS is the “Go-To” agency upon which the City and other community agencies rely.

Are you a Landlord or Homeowner?


Need Help Renting your Housing Unit?

Do you have…

  • affordably priced rental apartment, duplex or single dwelling home in Windsor or Essex County?
  • an empty room in your home that you might want to rent?
  • a wheelchair accessible rental unit?

List your Affordable Rental Housing Unit or Room for FREE!

Housing Information Services:

  • Maintains an up-to-date registry of available rental units throughout Windsor/Essex County.
  • Works with landlords to set up Pay Direct to collect your rent on time.
  • Provides landlords access to information on available Housing Supplement or Rent Incentive Programs.
  • Offers landlord/tenant mediation to help PREVENT evictions or assist the tenant to move out.
  • Provides assistance with Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal for landlords and tenants.
  • Provides Landlords with current information on current legislation, lease agreements and more
  • Responds to Landlord concerns in a timely manner.
  • Operates with integrity and honesty.

Are you in need of affordable housing?


Is your rent too high?  Are you being evicted?

At Housing Information Services, our programs and services are designed to offer you choices to make decisions about your own housing options and empower you to sustain and maintain your housing.  We provide one-on-one support if you are at a risk of being homeless due to an eviction.

HIS will negotiate with your landlord to maintain your current housing or have viable options for moving and help you find alternate affordable housing. We will inform you of your rights and responsibilities according to the Residential Tenancy Act.

Our many programs and services are available to all individuals and families.

Appointments are recommended, however walk-ins are welcome.