About us

Housing Information Services of Windsor & Essex County Inc. (HIS), a registered charitable organization was formed in 1993 in response to an identified need in the community to establish one local agency that could provide affordable, appropriate and suitable rental housing options to vulnerable consumers in Windsor & Essex County.

As leaders in meeting the needs of some of the more vulnerable in our community, HIS recognizes and understands the resulting responsibility to assist with more than just our community’s shelter needs with an eye to long term solutions in the reduction of poverty. HIS continues to empower clients to self-identify workable options rather than just in time solutions.  Without our intervention, clients are subjected to increased levels of risk of becoming homeless, dependency on shelters and the health sector, perpetuating the cycle and increased costs to the community.

Community input from Housing Information Services (HIS) is provided by collaborating with community agencies to offer energy assistance, working in partnership with Utility Providers and participating on various committees. By actively participating in the community, HIS is able to keep abreast of the community’s changing needs, provide community agencies with input and trends regarding the housing needs of our consumers and network / case manage with agencies to ensure that consumers’ needs are addressed on all levels.

Throughout our existence, HIS has had the privilege of providing federally, provincially, municipally and United Way funded programs to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community including youth, seniors, low income families and individuals.  HIS has the organizational capacity and flexible ability to adapt our service to the needs in our community and an unyielding desire to assist the most vulnerable in Windsor Essex.

Our Vision

Housing Information Services (HIS) believes that appropriate and affordable housing is a right for all Canadians, not a privilege.  We empower people to realize their full potential through a safe, non-violent environment, adequate income, housing, food and education, and a valued role to play in family, work and the community.

Our Mission

Improving the social welfare and quality of life for singles, seniors, and families regardless of race or background.

Our Values

Respect – Acceptance of all persons regardless of age, gender or background. We work together to ensure all people are supported in their efforts to live, work and prosper in our community.

Accountability – Providing a consistent, high quality service in a transparent and professional manner.

Commitment – Committed to pro-actively serving all persons while creating a cost effective resource for our community.

Collaboration – Actively participate in a collaborative network of agencies committed to best serve and meet the needs of the community.

High Quality Service – Providing high quality service and in-depth expertise at all levels of our organization with experienced, service-oriented staff.